If you have ever needed a free online tool that makes it easier to count the number of words appearing on any web page of your website, SEO Threads has come up with an excellent solution called Word Count Checker. In addition to checking the number of words, this free online tool enables determining of the frequency with which to use crucial keywords on all texts appearing on your web pages.

This free online tool enables users to determine the number of characters in specific texts. It is worth noting that word count forms an integral part of the content in any website. With this tool, you can count the words and characters as well as keywords in your website, Twitter and all articles that have to do with you. A manual content of the words is not plausible. The tool allows you to see the length of the most popular content on your website.

With the information that the tool provides, you can now plan future content easily and calculate the average length of articles that readers are looking for on your website, thus saving not only money but also time. If you want to benefit from this tool right now, simply enter URL of the web page with the content whose number of words you want to know below before submitting for immediate results.

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