Whois Lookup is a database that contains all the domain names that have ever been registered around the world. This tool allows you to learn the identities of the person, institution or organization that owns a specific domain name. ICANN has placed a stipulation that requires the immediate publishing of the contact details of the person who registers any domain name including the date of creation and expiry on the Whois Lookup listing.

The tool is simple and easy to use. You only have to enter the name of the domain whose owner or registrant you want to know. The tool will only provide the exact information if you enter or insert the full domain name. However, the information that the tool provides should only help you come up with your own registration guideline. Users who want to take advantage of the information that the tool provides for other different purposes are forbidden from doing so.

The tool does not do any illegal thing considering that any person who registers a domain name releases his details to the public by default. With the information that the tool provides, you should not have any difficulty adhering to the requirements of Internet Corporation of Assigned Names & Numbers or ICANN. To find out the identities of an institution or a person that owns a given domain, simply enter the site URL here below and you will get all the details.

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