17 May What is my IP

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Country Code: US
Country Name: United States of America
Region: Virginia
City Name: Ashburn
Zip Code: 20146
Latitude/Longitude: 39.0437/-77.4875
Timezone: -04:00

All computers have a unique IP or Internet Protocol address that identifies and separates them from all the rest on the Internet. Computers can only share information and communicate with each other through IP addresses. You must endeavor to learn the IP address of your computer for the following reasons:

  • Proxy detections
  • Technical support
  • Remote desktop applications
  • Online gaming

Technical network issues could arise, thus demonstrating the importance of possessing knowledge regarding the IP address of your computer. What is My IP is a tool from SEO Threads that would allow you to learn and know the IP address of your computer. When your computer develops technical problems that an IT specialist needs to solve, he would ask for its IP address, which you can quickly tell him using the What is My IP tool.

The IP address would enable the technician determine whether the problem is with your computer or the resource that it has tried accessing unsuccessfully. If computers share IP addresses, they will not be able to communicate well within the same network. The IP address depends on the Internet connection that you are on at any given moment. When accessing the Internet through a router, the tool will display the IP address of the router. To find out your computer IP, all you need is enter your details below.

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