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If you are looking for one of the most important elements of on-page SEO, then look no further than HTML title tag. Not only is the title tag a crucial SEO element, but also important in search engine results concerning creating titles of snippets. Well written title tags are not only crucial for search engines, but also in satisfying customer expectations. Fortunately, SEO Threads has a free online tool called Title Tag Checker that allows users to check the quality of title tags.

The free online tool is useful at checking whether a web page contains a title tag or not. The tool also checks for the presence of multiple title tags on any specific web page. The length of the title tag is crucial to SEO as well. You can now use the Title Tag Checker to ascertain the length of the title tag and make changes where appropriate to ensure that your online business does not suffer in terms of poor search engine rankings.

All the web pages on your website must have title tags. In fact, the pages should feature correct title tags. The length of the title tag should be around 55 characters. Manual count of the characters is not possible. The best option is to use the Title Tag Checker to count the characters and inform you whether it is the appropriate length or not. To use this tool today, simply enter the URL of the web page in the space above and submit.

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