16 May Search Engine Spider Simulator

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The success of any SEO strategy that you put in place depends on being able to see how the major search engines see your website. To do this, you need the help of effective tools such as the Search Engine Spider Simulator. This tool simulates search engines and provides you with a picture of how the real engines see the website. It displays the contents of all the pages on your website the exact way in which the search engines would see them while crawling.

With the Search Engine Spider Simulator, you are able to see the most inaccessible or prominent elements of your website. This enables you to make the appropriate changes and apply the requisite SEO strategies that will bring positive results. The simulator enables you to think of what to do with the content that is unable to appear on search engines. The simulator examines the following types of content:

  • Flash based content
  • Content appearing as images
  • Content appearing courtesy of JavaScript

The simulator also shows you all the hyperlinks that a Search Engine will crawl through when visiting specific web pages on the site. To check how the search engines see your website, simply enter your URL below and you are good to go.

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