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Search engines do not normally rank web pages and websites based on Meta descriptions. The Meta descriptions are often useful at providing a brief description of the content that a specific page on any website contains. The descriptions must be relevant to the content and well-written if the website is to maximize or benefit from increased clicks. The length of the best Meta description should be around 150-160 characters.

SEO Threads allows users with online businesses to check their Meta descriptions using a free online tool called Meta Description Checker. A web page that does not contain Meta description will be difficult to locate using search queries. In fact, the snippet of the search query regarding the specific web page that lacks a Meta description will only be returned. This is what you benefit from when using the Meta Description Checker. With this tool, checking the presence and quality of the Meta descriptions on the URLs of your web pages becomes simpler and easier. The tool will locate all the multiple Meta descriptions on your web pages and inform you about them. The tool examines the length of the descriptions as well. To use it today, simply enter the URL of your website above, click submit and wait for the report.

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