MD5 Generator is a free online tool from SEO Threads with which any person could use for generating multiple MD5 hash of any string. With this online tool, you will have no problem encoding highly confidential data, credit card numbers and passcodes into MySQL and Postgress. The tool helps ASP programmers as well as PHP programmers do an excellent job. Any person who desires to develop Postgress, SQL and MySQL should find this tool helpful.

If encoding MD5 hash has often filled you with trepidation, the MD5 Generator tool from SEO Threads should assuage your fears. With this tool, you will have an easier time storing sensitive data such as passwords and credit card numbers in different types of databases, including MySQL, which remains one of the most popular. The free online tool is also capable of guaranteeing the data integrity of all your system files.

It is worth noting that the MD5 hashes that this tool generates are not the same as encryption. These hashes do not exempt you from investing in encryption tools. For these reasons, type your password below and give MD5 Generator the time to provide you with a MD5 hash of the password right now.

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