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LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals. Google, through its search engine, is able to obtain information regarding the popularity of any website from platforms such as LinkedIn. LinkedIn has transformed into one of the determinants of ranking on search engine results. In this regard, SEO Threads now enables owner of online businesses to evaluate the progress they are making through tools such as LinkedIn Share Count Checker.

This free online tool makes it easier to check the number of times that content from any web page on your website has been shared on LinkedIn. Such information offers a true reflection of the progress that your web business is making in terms of popularity and winning credibility among customers. The information offers an in-depth evaluation of the progress that the SEO strategy you put in place has made, thus showing whether changes are necessary or not.

The LinkedIn Share Count Checker enables users to find ways through which to increase the popularity of their online businesses. LinkedIn is not only dynamic, but also engaging, thus the perfect platform for businesses that want to benefit from crowd sourced link building. To use the tool, simply enter the URL of any web page from your website and submit.

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