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The HTTP Head checker is a tool that allows the inspection of HTTP headers returned by web servers upon requesting any URL. The tool is just as effective when used to check headers on HTTPS as well as HTTP URLs. The tool enables you to check the status of any request that you send regarding a URL. The head checker might return more than one response code especially where the redirecting of one URL to a different one takes place.

HTTP headers have unique character coding information that the tool not only captures but also relays to you. The tool allows you to take note of whatever might have gone wrong with the HTTP header, thus providing the opportunity to rectify the problems existing thereon. The status of the HTTP header is crucial to rankings on Search Engines. If the URL is good, the response or return code should be 200.

The response or return code should mostly be around 301 for SEO redirect. The HTTP header checker should have no trouble equipping you with these codes if all is well. With this tool, you can also identify the broken links in your site and rectify them before they have a negative effect on search engine rankings. Some of the response or return codes that you ought to expect to receive from the HTTP header checker include:

  • 200: which signifies OK
  • 301: which signifies a permanent move
  • 302: which signifies found
  • 404: which signifies not found

To check the status of the requests people get when they click on your URL, simply enter your site URL above.

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