02 Aug HTML Headings Checker

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HTML headings are effective at structuring the textual content within any web page. The headings are an important component of on-page SEO. The headings tags serve the purpose of communicating with the search engines. The search engines use heading tags to know what the web page talks about, thus ranking it appropriately. Consequently, no online business can thrive if it ignores HTML headings.

SEO Threads has a solution for entrepreneurs who want to find out whether the web pages on their websites contain the appropriate HTML headings or not. The solution is a free online tool called HTML Headings Checker. The tool analyzes the primary information that a web page has by evaluating HTML headings tags. The tool checks each web page to see whether proper header tags are available or not.

Whether you have included H1, H2 or H3 header tags on all the pages on your website or not, the free online tool examines them. With this information, you have the final decision on whether to institute changes or keep the header tags just as they are. The great news is that you can use this tool right now by simply entering the URL of your web page in the space appearing above and submitting to check the quality of HTML headings on the pages.

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