The Hreflang tags are crucial in letting Google know the international version of your website that is relevant to a specific user based on language as well as location. In fact, it is safe to say that Hreflang tags are central to the success of any search engine optimization strategy that you put in place to improve the ranking of your online business. Hreflang is good at enhancing user experience, which is another crucial factor in SEO circles.

Google introduced the Hreflang tags in 2011. The tags provide a good interpretation of the relationship that a website or pages have when appearing in different languages. The tags grow in importance when you targeted a specific audience within your local area with the content on your website. SEO Threads now has Hreflang Tags Checker – a free online tool – that you can use to check for the tags implemented in any URL of a specific web page.

The Hreflang Tags Checker informs you of the absence of the tags so that you can implement them and stand a much better chance of seeing a rise in rankings in search engines results. Failure to implement these tags could jeopardize your SEO efforts. To use or test the effectiveness of this free tool, enter the URL of your website above and submit right now to ascertain whether you have implemented Hreflang tags on your website.

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