02 Aug Google Plus One Checker

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Checking the status of Google Plus One is crucial to the success of any SEO strategy that you wish to put in place to raise the profile of your online business. SEO Threads now has a tool called Google Plus One Checker that allows users to ascertain the accurate number of Plus One accounts that their sites have. The tool makes use of real-time statistics from Google to check on the Plus One information.

This free online tool is uncomplicated hence easy to use. It allows users to enter multiple URLs and wait for the data that the tool provides regarding Google Plus One. It is worth noting that Google + 1 is a feature that closely functions like Facebook’s Like button. Any person is free to include this feature on his website. The button is for any person who visits your website and falls in love with it, the company or the services that it provides.

At any given moment, you will want to know, check and confirm the number of Google +1 that are in your site. The Google +1 button is different from the Google + social network, as this free online tool from SEO Threads will show you. The tool is easy to use. Put this tool to the test right now by entering the URLs whose Google +1 numbers for each page that you want to know.

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