Google has developed an analysis algorithm that it calls Google PageRank. The algorithm is effective at measuring the number of links leading to a web page or website. With this tool, you will get all the information regarding the quality of the links that lead to specific web pages or websites. The tool is crucial considering that it determines the relevance as well as importance of any web page. A page that satisfies these conditions enjoys higher ranking.

The lowest rank is 0 while the highest is 10. The tool expresses the ranking in numerical values. The ranking depends on the quality of backlinks. If a page or website has more quality backlinks, it will benefit from higher ranking. The checker is a tool that enables you to receive information regarding the ranking of any of your web pages or websites by only entering the site’s URL or direct link.

The checker is crucial considering that it provides you with information that would necessitate changes or improvements. If the web page or site suffers from poor page ranking, the information could convince you to institute changes and improve the ranking. The good news is that you can learn more about your site’s ranking by simply entering its URL in the box appearing below right now.

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