The Internet has a plethora of websites and quite a substantial percentage of the sites exist only to perpetuate criminal or malevolent activities. Many websites are full of malware that spread across the Internet to infect as many computers and devices as possible. If your website has hosted or is currently hosting any malware and you know nothing about this situation, the Google Malware Checker from SEO Threads will provide all the details.

The tool is crucial to the success of all your SEO strategies concerning the damage that the presence of malware can have on your rankings by search engines such as Google. The free online tool is perfect at locating and identifying any malware that has remained hidden in your website or any other site that you wish to visit. Furthermore, the tool provides users with security advice on the best ways of protecting visitors from malicious websites.

If you want to see an actual demonstration of how Google Malware Checker works, enter any URL in the box below. The tool will then redirect you to a Google diagnostic page, which is safe thus no need to worry about encountering malware there too. If the website is safe, you will learn about it immediately. Therefore, enter your URL below and see Google Malware Checker at work.

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