SEO Threads has a free online tool called Google Cache Date Checker. With this tool, a webmaster, web designer or an SEO expert can provide his clients with excellently customized analytic reports. The tool makes it easier for learning not only the exact time, but also actual date when the Google Cache of specific URLs underwent any form of modification. The tool also enables the identification and diagnosis of any potential issue any URL might have by determining the status of each individual Google Cache.

Finding out the Google Cache of all pages on your website is critical to the success of any SEO strategy that you might have put in place. The information will help you discover whether your web pages are in the search index of Google. The information is proof that Google knows about the existence of your web pages or website, which would then highlight the success of the SEO strategies that you employed. With this tool, you can check Google page cache of as many pages and websites as you wish.

For a quick demonstration of what this tool can do, enter your preferred URL above and let the Google Cache Date Checker tool provide the necessary information.

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