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Facebook continues to grow in importance to entrepreneurs who operate online businesses. Integrating any online business with Facebook is beneficial in many ways. It helps by increasing not only traffic, but also exposure. It also helps to build a community full of loyal customers/fans. This trend also helps online businesses to benefit from a huge improvement in search engine rankings, thus the importance of keeping track of performance on Facebook.

Consequently, SEO Threads has a free online tool with which users can determine the shares that any URL of their websites has attracted. Facebook Share Count Checker is the free online tool that can provide online businesses with all this information. The tool enables businesses to check the number of times that a URL has been shared on Facebook. The tool is also effective for webmasters who want to keep track of all their social backlinks.

The tool’s effectiveness is also demonstrated in the fact that it enables users to gain a much better understanding of the social impact as well as influence that their URLs have on the customers or general public. Analyzing the effectiveness of all campaign efforts that you have put up on Facebook is also much easier with this free online tool. To see what this tool can do, simply enter your URL in the box above and submit to see a detailed share count report.

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