02 Aug Facebook Like Count Checker

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This free online tool offers users the opportunity to determine the numbers of likes, comments and shares any specific URL within their website has attracted at a given moment. XSEO Threads has made this free online tool available to anybody interested in using it. Facebook Like Count Checker provides critical information that can help an online business determine how it is performing on social media although the emphasis is on Facebook.

When any post enjoys higher number of likes, it is likely to keep attracting more likes and clicks, which is great news for the SEO strategies that any online business has put in place. With the Facebook Like Count Checker, users have no difficulty tracking the total quantity of likes that their websites receive. The tool displays the total number of likes as well as comments and shares that appear on the user’s URL.

A higher number of like count indicates that more people appreciate the content that appears on your website. This is great news for the SEO approach that you have employed where your online business is concerned. To see the number of likes that your URL has received using this free online tool, simply enter or copy and paste the URL of your website in the box appearing above before clicking the button marked submit.

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