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Whether you run a blog or an ecommerce website, checking the number of Facebook counts that it has would help boost your SEO endeavors significantly. Fortunately, SEO Threads allows you to use the free online tool it calls Facebook Comments Count Checker to learn more about this specific aspect of their website. This tool will provide all the information regarding Facebook comments for specific URLs that you want to know.

The tool offers more benefits than you would normally get from featuring a Facebook comment plugin on your website. In this regard, you do not have to worry about your site growing heavier, thus taking more time to load, which would be bad news for ranking on search engines despite putting some of the greatest SEO strategies in place. This tool saves you from having to use codes as well, as these can also make your site heavier.

The Facebook Comments Count Checker tool is not hard to use. It saves you time by displaying all the information you require concerning the number of comments any of your posts on Facebook has attracted at any given time. To know this, simply enter the URL of your website in the box above and click submit then wait for detailed report of your Facebook comments count.

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