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Canonical URLs refer to the URLs that an online entrepreneur wants his customers to see. This form of technology allows you to use different yet similar URLs to share the same content. The problem with canonicalization is that if often causes plenty of confusion. The search engines grow confused with similar-looking URLs, which contain similar information. Users are also unable to make up their minds regarding what the correct URL is.

To address this problem, SEO Threads offers a solution that is in the form of a free online tool called Canonical URL Checker. Instead of facing problems obtaining consolidated metrics for specific content, the free online tool gets rid of any confusion thus straightening the SEO strategy you had put in place. The tool makes it easier to locate content on web pages that need indexing by search engines based on the location of the canonicalization.

The tool is simple to use. SEO Threads has made the task simpler for every person who runs a website and wants to learn about the canonical URLs of the various web pages on the site. First, you only need to copy the URL of a specific web page from your website and paste it in the space below. Afterwards, submit and the Canonical URL Checker will provide all the details that you need immediately.

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