27 Aug Mass Ping

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The importance of mass pinging can never be underestimated as far as search engine indexing is concerned. When you regularly ping your website, the free online mass ping tool will notify the search engine that your website has been updated hence it may re-index and make updates of your website on faster scale. Use of mass ping tool is an easier way of quickly indexing new content as well as new webpages and improve on your search engine rankings. You can instantly bring Google plus other services to your URL to quickly update or index that new content.

The mass ping is a free online SEO tool that helps you to easily promote your website or blog. It enables you to ping automatically on up to 70 search engines. It enables search engines to easily find new content or webpages on your website at a faster rate as opposed to the usual methods. The tool lets you ping several websites at a go and that is especially very convenient when you have a larger number of backlinks to be indexed, which are generated from link-building applications.

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