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Keyword density refers to the number of times that your keywords occur on any given page of your website expressed in percentages. Proper ranking in Search Engines depends on several factors including correct keyword density. The Keyword density checker is a tool that helps you determine keyword density thus enabling you to make changes where necessary. With proper density, your website should keep moving higher in Search Engine rankings.

The keyword density checker is a tool that is capable of crawling through a specified URL and extract text in the same manner that a Search Engine would. More importantly, the tool will then remove all the common stop words before providing a deep analysis of the keyword density in the pages on the website. The tool calculates the density of keywords on all the different web pages on a single website.

What you should know about this tool is that it is only effective at identifying the mistakes that you made regarding keyword density. The tool does not fix your mistakes. The tool provides you with not only the density, but also count of the keywords beginning with the most frequently used phrases and words. Despite the data that the tool provides you regarding keyword density, you should understand that good ranking on Search Engines involves more than keywords. With that said, to check your websites keyword density, please enter your URL in the form above.

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